Production Schedule​​

Linear Master Production Scheduler (LMPS) is an intelligence for scheduling and sequencing tasks in production processes, responsible for telling the factory when to produce, in what quantity, with which team and on what equipment. With tailor-made optimization routines, it is able to maximize the efficiency of the operation, being able to:

  • Minimize production delivery delays
  • Minimize losses with machine setup
  • Balance load levels of production lines
  • Optimize shelf-life care


LMPS is a tailor-made operational level tool that generates in a detailed way short and very short term production planning, with inputs as the master production plan, equipment capacity and the availability of labor. It aims to optimize production efficiency, minimize delivery delays, setup costs and times, load balancing of production lines, or a combination of the previous objectives. LMPS provides:

  • Sequencing and scheduling production based on production capacities and delivery dates
  • Accuracy in the forecast of delivery dates
  • Reduced planning effort
  • Easy integration with other Linear optimization modules