Haul Scheduling​

The Linear Transport Management System (TMS) is a solution for the allocation of products on pallets and pallets in trucks to reduce the idleness of the company’s logistics assets, optimizing and minimizing the available fleet required for transportation.

  • Larger occupation of the company’s fleet
  • Decrease in fixed costs of transport
  • Automated stacking of shipment sequencing
  • Possibility of integration with management systems


The TMS operates through logical rules that generate the best possible shipping plan for the company among the many possible configurations.

  • Broad representation of logistical constraints (stacking rules, acclimatization, etc.)
  • Configuration of different types of vehicles and modes of transport
  • Weekly Tactical Load Sequencing
  • Representation of the logistics network
  • Web interface that does not require the installation of any software

Get to know a TMSi use case and learn a little more about how this intelligence can help your company.