Collaboration Platform

Good production planning relies heavily on good predictability of future SKU demand. In general, automatic forecasting methods can be enhanced with the collaboration of operations, marketing, and sales specialists. In defining the future demand for a product, it is necessary to consider:

  • Historical sales data to consider possible trends and seasonalities
  • Promotional and advertising efforts
  • Macroeconomic data and atypical phenomena
  • Possible changes in consumer behavior
  • Sales goals


Therefore, it is necessary to use a collaboration platform to help the search for a consensus among the different departments of the organization. So Linear proposes a platform that should:

  • Have automatic forecasts to mathematically base the expectation of future demand
  • Provide graphical visualization of the historical series for different groups of products
  • Contain the expectations of the different sectors for future demand
  • Be able to compose the different contributions of the sectors to provide the best expected demand value