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About Us

Linear provides mathematical-computational solutions for process optimization and digital improvement of business management. Focusing on supporting the integrated planning of the various links in the supply chain, we develop tailor-made tools and solutions to each client.

All solutions provided by Linear include precision and mathematical intelligence as key elements to support decision-making processes and activities in essential work areas of
corporations, such as: Integrated Planning, Demand Forecast, Optimun Location of Factories and DCs, Studies of Locational and Vocational Logistics Meshes, Stock Management, S&OP, DRP, Dashboards, What If Analysis, Optimization Templates, MPS, Production Diarization, Collaborative Demand, and so on.

Whether to maximize profits or minimize costs, given the complex challenges inherent in the supply chain management, customers such as BRF, Ambev, Natura, Nestlé, Seara, Suzano, Vigor, Danone, Pif Paf, DPA BRASIL, and more, count on tailor-made digital tools and solutions provided by Linear.