LAPS: Linear Advanced Planning Scheduling

The case brings information about the software made by us, from Linear, to large breads and cakes manufacturers in Brazil. The work was done to optimize the production of 160 different products, analyzing how the parallel production lines, the adjustment time of the machines, the capacity of transport and other points.

In addition, the event was awarded by FICO in the international competition “Optimize the Real World”, which is the reward of using data to improve things. “The sheer amount of data is extraordinary,” said Stuart Wells, chief technology officer at FICO.

We and two other companies were rewarded and this case. “Our team has been working hard to create this model, as well as providing an implementation with robust computational capability, behind a good user interface. It is very gratifying to see the result of our inspiration list and help customers increase their efficiency, “said Ulisses Assis, from Linear, who participated in the project. Get to know the case of your detailed study a bit more.